Random Tuesday Thoughts

It’s been a while, but I miss randomly spilling my guts out I mean sharing with my friends.  I feel like I need a vacation from the past two weeks.

  • birthdays galore.  We had birthdays on 8/28, 9/3, 9/23, 9/27, 10/2, and the baby turned ONE on 10/5.  Shwooo that is a lot of parties, presents and cake <—insert sicky face here.  Not that I have eaten it all, but it just don’t even smell good to me right now.  PapaBear’s birthday is on the 25th and I’m thinking video games for him.  
  • We had a 12 hour round trip for my son’s football game but to even get to watch a play.  My poor cheerleader was so sick and Momma had lots of clean up to do.   We made it there just in time for him to run on the field. Thank goodness I brought spare outfits and thank goodness no one else got sick, i would be stuck.  But at least I got pretty pics of the hills.
  • All that and I have been the walking wounded.  Doctor said both ankles have arthritis and it is pain I no like.  Copious amounts of Ibuprofen barely puts a dent in the pain.  I was telling a friend that if felt like I was having a baby out of my foot.  No really I have had six kids so I know the feeling.  Sheesh.
  • That leads me to more working out of my feet.  Love my exercise ball and bands.
  • Oh got a twitter party tomorrow
    • Handles to follow@kellywann & @mommayoung
    • When: 1-2 pm EST (10-11 am PST) October 10, 2012
    • Where: on Twitter, using the hashtag #healthymama
  • Working on a gift guide with 3 other bloggers makes momma a busy girl, but I think I’d be bored with out things to do.  Which leads me to the laundry..
  • What is my fairly laundry mother.  I can wash all day but I have to say I despise folding…
  • The we are going to do a Halloween party for my 8 year old and her classmates because I am a gluten for punishment.  I mean because it will be lots of fun…
  • We need a lot more construction paper.  Can’t believe how much we go through.  what do you ya’ll do with the scraps?  I was thinking of making homemade paper.  Doesn’t that sound fun?
  • Ok I am off but I’m leaving you with another Random Tuesday Rebel V…. visit her blog the Testosterone Three and Me


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    Holy Moly that’s a lot of birthday’s all around the same time! And here I thought we were bad with them between November and December. :)

    Sorry your cheerleader was sick – hope everyone is feeling better!

    My mom has rheumatoid arthritis in both her hands and feet – I always feel bad for her having to deal with that kind of pain. Hope your pain levels decrease!

    We usually put the scraps of our construction paper in the burn pile – I’d love to know if you end up making your own paper. ;)

    Fall Finally Arrives with Hotel Transylvania, Body by Vi Challenge Accepted, Comic Moment, Banana Spider and Genius Birthday Card

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