#Momma’s Fantasy Football Basics – Chapter One

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#Momma’s Fantasy Football

Welcome our first Fantasy Football League.

It is going to be a laid back season used to teach the basics of fantasy football.  (I have posts Chapter One of Football Basics) Once we get the hang of Fantasy Football and using the website it is lots of fun, specially if you have friends or loved ones that celebrate Football like it is a National Holiday (Who me?  Yes I confess…)

Here are our teams we have so far:

MommaYoung’s Team
Cluttered Genius
Sarah’s Team
Mr B’s Buccaneers
Young N’ Restless

Are their any rules for our league?  Don’t rely entirely on someone else’s opinion.  Get their perspective and reasoning for their decision.  Ask your armchair quarter back, look at what the sports analysts have to say via their broadcasts on ESPN, NFL Network, etc… But you be the one to ultimately decide.

Object of Fantasy Football

The object of Fantasy Football is to get the most points.  We do that by picking players we think will get the most yardage, the most touch downs, passes, sacks etc…

What is the once piece of advice and the most important, in my humble opinion?

  • Don’t pick your favorite player or players on your favorite teams.  For example, I think Tim Tebow is a pretty neat kid, but the likelihood he is going to make a bunch of points are very slim.  Why?  For a couple of reasons.  He is back up player.  When he does play QB he is more of a runner and doesn’t pass for very many yards.  You’ll still get points but not much.

Our focus for this chapter will be getting use to the Yahoo Sports Fantasy website and how we will acquire points.

Let’s look at some of the links we will be using most often on the first row of navigation:

At the top you will see the following links:


  • Overview – All our team’s records, recent trades & drops, commissioner notes, updates, etc…
  • Messages – message board
  • Email League – email to all our league
  • Managers – Managers & their teams
  • Rosters – Players for each of our teams
  • Trading Block – all player trading


  • Roster – Your players and their rankings (will be available after draft)
  • My Watch List – players your interested in.
  • Edit Team Settings – Edit your team name and Avatar
  • Players (will be available after draft)
  • Add  (will be available after draft)
  • Drop  (will be available after draft)
  • Trade  (will be available after draft)


  • Player List – this has the Players, the position they play, Action (add or watch) a player, the players Projected & Actual Rankings:  yardage passed, rushing, receiving, returns, misc and Fumbles,
  • League Leaders – Search their stats by position, our league team, or search by Stats.
  • Injury Reports – This is pretty important, please always check this prior to game time.  We need to bench injured players so we have a chance of getting points from our back up player.
  • Player Notes – These are notes about various players from news around the web.
  • NFL Roster Changes – This is a list of players that have been activated, deactivated, added to injury list or has a position change.
  • Can’t Cut List – The Can’t Cut List is designed for leagues with 10 teams. Since teams in smaller leagues may include several elite players, using the Can’t Cut List for leagues smaller than 10 teams might limit the ability of managers to drop unwanted players, particularly those with short-term injuries.

Over the week check it out, look around and get comfy.

Now let’s take a quick look at the points…

In each game we can earn lots of points in various ways.  Here are the potential points:

Offensive Points
  • Passing touchdown = 4
  • Interceptions = -1
  • 25 Passing Yards = 1
  • Rushing Touchdown = 6
  • 10 Rushing Yards = 1
  • Receiving Touchdowns = 6
  • 10 Reception Yards = 1

Kicker Points

  • Field Goals 0-19 Yards = 3
  • Field Goals 20-29 Yards = 3
  • Field Goals 30-39 Yards = 3
  • Field Goals 40-49 Yards = 4
  • Field Goals 50+ Yards = 5
  • Point After = 1
Defensive Points
  • Points Allowed 0 points = 10
  • Points Allowed 1-6 points = 7
  • Points Allowed 7-13 points = 4
  • Points Allowed 14-20 points = 1
  • Points Allowed 21-27 points = 0
  • Points Allowed 28-34 points = -1
  • Points Allowed 35+ points = -4
  • Sack = 1
  • Interception = 2
  • Fumble Recovery = 2
  • Touchdown = 6
  • Safety = 2
  • Block Kick = 2
  • Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns = 6


Friday, August 24th is our last day to join the league, and I will have a post up to help us focus on getting ready for The “Draft.”  It is coming soon and we will be picking our top three choices for:

  • Quarterback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Running Back
  • Tight End
  • Kicker
  • Defense

Why three?  Because we may not get all of the players on the top of our list, so we need to pick some back ups.  Don’t worry if you get a player you aren’t happy with.  Each week you can drop/trade/add different players.  Remember we need players who will make us good points.  So if they have injuries or other issues, we will need to bench them.

If you haven’t done so already, come join the Fantasy Football League.

If you have any questions about football or fantasy football, any at all, please email me:  anjanette@mommayoungathome.com.  Remember we are learning and we will enjoy football so much more if we understand the game.


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