Paper Crafts: Paper Mache Thanksgiving Center Piece

When holidays come around, I am in a big mood to craft.  Late one night the girls and I started a paper mache turkey.  We found an unused balloon from one of our many birthdays, grabbed newspaper ads and made a mache mixture (1part flour 2parts water).

We cut strips of paper, dipped in the mache and loaded them evenly around the balloon.

Remember I said it was late, I was tired and pregnant.

We didn’t have any brown paint, a couple days after the balloon was good and dry we used brown construction paper with more mache.

Once the brown was all dried, the girls cut out various (fall colored) strips for feathers, torso, beak and a waddle.
We used some left over wiggle eyes from previous projects and lots of elmer’s glue.

We glued “feathers” on the side and behind.  We glued the face and torso on the body (with some manipulation) and viola….

A Thanksgiving piece that can be used year round and the kids will remember having fun making it with you.

Have you used paper mache since you were a kid?  I forgot how sticky and itchy it felt.

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