Super S’mores: A Justice League Twist on a Campfire Classic

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What You’ll Need:


Chocolate squares

Graham crackers


Colored-sugar crystals

Fondant Assorted cake decorations

What You’ll Do:

1. Choose your super hero.

Grab a marshmallow, moisten with water and roll in colored sugar crystals that match your super hero’s signature color. We’re using Superman, but Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman and The Flash are all just as tasty.

2. Stand out from the crowd.

Place your super hero marshmallow atop a small piece of chocolate and graham cracker.

3. Dress the part.

Choose a signature element from your super hero. For Superman, we choose his shorts and cape. Roll out and cut the red and yellow fondant to make the shorts and belt. Also, use the red fondant for the cape. When ready, gently press onto your marshmallow.

4. Style a ‘do.

Use frosting on top of your marshmallow to give your super hero that perfect hairstyle—don’t forget the power curl!

5. Defeat hunger!

At this point, your Super Hero s’mores are ready to save the day. Serve immediately or have them take on their greatest foe (the microwave) for gooey goodness.

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