Cooking Tips: Saving Brown Sugar

Save your Brown Sugar

Holiday baking is about to get into full swing and just about every traditional recipe I have calls for brown sugar.   Nothing kills my baking joy more then when I go to grab brown sugar only to find a brick in its place.  So, if a baking marathon is in your future check all your supplies.

To prevent Brown Sugar Brick from happening…  Store brown sugar in an air tight container.

Bormioli Rocco Fido JarsThere are all kinds of things you can use I have one of these Bormioli Rocco Fido Jars that I use for my loose tea.  The jar lid locks tight into place, so something like that would work great.  I found this set at Amazon for $29 but you can get just one for under $10.  Currently my brown sugar is stored in a ziplock bag.  It is simple and stays fresh.

Keep Brown Sugar Soft in a Ziplock bag

Do you have a brown sugar brick already?   Stop, put that hammer away…    Put brown sugar in an air tight container like a zip lock bag, a jar or a container of some sort.  Put a fresh slice of bread in with it and seal it up.  A short time later you will have soft brown sugar again.

Terra Cotta Brown Sugar Saver

Another trick is the same concept but instead of a slice of bread use Terra Cotta Brown Sugar Savers. They come in all kind of shapes, sizes and cute designs.  Just soak them in water, dry off and keep with brown sugar.  It should keep sugar soft for close to 3 months.

If your ready to bake and can’t wait?  The microwave is your best friend.  Put your brown sugar in a microwave safe bowl and in a separate bowl add water and microwave for one minute.  Keep checking.

Do you have a tip to save the brown sugar?  Please share with us.


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