Top 3 Handy Parenting Tips for First Timers

Becoming a parent for the first time can be one of the most daunting experiences you will ever enjoy (or endure!) in your entire life. Joking aside, parenthood is of course something that should be enjoyed by all, but still comes with certain pressures, most of which we put on ourselves.
There are a number of manuals and guidebooks out there that are designed to relax you and put you at ease for the impending arrival of a little one, but if anything, they do nothing but clutter our brain even further and can reduce us to little more than a quivering wreck.

We looked at three handy tips that new first time parents will find useful, both immediately after the birth as well as throughout childhood.

Bonding With Baby

The bonding process begins as soon as the baby is born, which is why the nurse will immediately place baby on your partner or hand them over to you for a first cuddle. At this early stage of their lives, children respond best to sounds as they are only just getting used to what they can see, so holding hands and making lots of noise is a brilliant way to bond effectively.
Baby massage is becoming ever more popular, with many classes encouraging new parents to attend from birth. This acts as another bonding opportunity, as well as teaching you valuable soothing techniques to use on your child.

Diapers Aren’t That Bad

New parents are always the worst ones for believing in diaper horror stories. Trust us, it isn’t that bad and most can be dealt with and changed within a minute or two. People often worry about fastening a diaper incorrectly or making a mistake, but if you’ve done it once you’ll feel like you’ve been doing it forever.


Introduce toys into your child’s life at the earliest possible opportunity. Simple pram toys and rattles are great for the youngest babies, and as they get older you can begin to introduce dolls and action figures.

As ‘older’ toys begin to engage your child, ensure you spend time with them so they can develop their social and emotional side, as well as their vocabulary, through play. Both parents can bond further with their daughter through engaging with their favourite doll, while the same can be said of a son and his favourite action figure hero.
One easy way to lose any playtime inhibitions is to buy your child toys similar to what you had when you were younger, the familiarity will soon return and you yourself will be left feeling like a child again.

The hardest part of first time parenting is building yourself up in the belief that is an outrageously difficult task. Relax, enjoy it, and it will all come naturally together.

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