My favorite “Green It Yourself” tip from Green Works®

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I recently visited the Green Works® Green It Yourself fackbook page.  It had great video tips on how GIY your home including tips to GIY your:

  • Family Room
  • Kid’s Room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

There were a lot of great tips, but mine had to do with the Energy Savings in the video “Cool Your Energy Costs”.  This is near and dear to my heart.  We are doing battle with our electric bill, it is just horrible and we conserve to the best of our ability.

On top of having very old appliances in our kitchen also have a washer and dryer that need to be in retirement.  Even though they are very old and we put these appliances through the works.  Cooking for a family this big can sometimes be a major cooking event.  If I want to keep on laundry for this family of soon-to-be 8, I need to do about 15 loads of laundry a week.

MomBloggersClub and Clorox® Green Works® has a giveaway that ends tomorrow (6/30).  The winner will receive $2000 dollars towards a High Efficiency Washer and Dryer and the full line of Green Works® laundry products are: Green Works® Oxi Stain RemoverGreen Works® Chlorine-Free Bleach and Green Works® Laundry Detergent.

As far as (HE) Washers and Dryers go, I have my eyes o:

  • Whirlpool HE Front loader
  • Maytag HE Front Loader
  • Electrolux

Top loader would be nice too…

If you want to learn some GIY tips visit their facebook page

Wish me luck….


This is an entry to win a Clorox® Green Works® giveaway on the Mom Bloggers Club

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