Art Supplies from Guggenheim – #MyGiftGuide

This unique top–bearing the Guggenheim name–is a toy that makes art! Spin the top on paper to create spirals and patterns. Five replaceable color markers are included, so colors may be easily interchanged. $10.95
Keith Haring Wet Bag
Bumkins Wet Bags provides great on-the-go storage for dirty clothes, messy diapers or travel items. Available in artist Keith Haring’s “Graffiti” print.  $10.95
Spectrix Card Game
Each round begins with between 10-15 cards depending on the amount of players, and the object is to get rid of all your cards using color combinations and collections that can be played on any given turn. It’s a game that requires strategy, attention to detail, and an eye for color.  $15
Xonex Deluxe Art Set
Our most deluxe art set keeps contents neat and at your fingertips with two storage drawers and a fold-out easel. Light oak wood case contains 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, 3 palettes, 2 drawing pencils, 2 paintbrushes, and one each of the following: 4″ ruler, sharpener, and eraser. Also includes 20 sheets of drawing paper. Foam feet protect surfaces.  $120

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