Peter Facinelli at Nevada Women’s Expo

Blood Drives and Vampires at the Nevada Women’s Expo…

Today began the Nevada Women’s Expo here in Reno; hundreds of exhibitors and hundreds of people.  I always intend to make it, but this time I made for sure we were there.  Why?  Well for the first batch of folks to donate blood were VIP’s at a meet and greet with Dr. Cullen, I mean @PeterFacinelli.  So I booked the very first appointment thinking I’d surprise my oldest; just her and I meeting one of the actors from her favorite movie…Twilight.

A little surprise…hubby had to work overtime so I took my entire tribe.

So with little ones in hand we bobbed and weaved through ladies looking at trinkets, smelling candles and taste testing delights.  Here are three of my princesses always eager to smile.


It was time for Momma to give blood and the kiddos couldn’t be there so they walked in circles while I gave a pint and joined the ranks of @bloodheroes before me.  A big thank you to my son for sitting with the girls while we waited in line.


My two year old was done and wanted arms so I held her switching from left arm to the right arm to the left arm to the right arm; I may not have the use of my arms tomorrow but it was worth it.

Look at her smile….that is my oldest with the good Dr. Cullen…Peter Facinelli..  He was very nice, he took a picture with my daughter, chatted with my 4 year old and signed my our Breaking Dawn blurays.


Wish I had a better picture, but I was holding two babies and my arms were way too tired!   I even missed out on getting my picture with him, but at least my oldest was able to meet him..  So I happily took what I think was the best photo of the day; my daughter and I after a long but well worth it day.


Visit the United Blood Services to learn more on how to donate.

Who is your favorite Peter Facinelli Movie?

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