Christmas Crafts with Construction Paper

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My favorite time of year is finally here!!!  The first thing I do, after I get all gitty, is grab the construction paper, scissors, and glue…

The first thing I had the girls do was the traditional chain link.  My preschooler was put on glue duty.  We cut strips and put them into a pattern.  She learned to grab the proper strip (in accordance with the pattern) and glue them.  This gluing duty also helped her to know how much glue to use; she use to put a gallon on the paper.  My 7 year old would grab the glued strip and make the chain.

Next up we made a Christmas tree for our front window.  I put my preschooler on cutting out ornaments.  I thought this would help her to learn how to use the scissors.  Look at her, she id really focused:




This little one helped out too.  She got to color on the scraps.



We wanted to make a bigger tree, so I taped 3 pieces of paper together and here is my 7 year old cutting away.  After the tree she helped her sister glue on the ornaments and cut out a star…


Here is our finished product.  The girls thought it would be nice to make presents to put under the tree.



We have a lot more to do; Holly, candles, snow flakes, snow family, etc…  I’ll try and post pics as the get done.

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