SANUS Flat Panel TV Wall Mount Giveaway

SANUS flat panel tv wall mount giveaway

Did you know that every 45 minutes a child visits the emergency room due to an unsecured TV tipping over? The flat panel television have been growing in size yet remain incredibly thin. A feature that many people love, myself included. However, the thin design also makes it easier to tip over, especially by an excited… 

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Simple Summer Mango Sherbert

Gluten Free Sherbert

There is something about finishing a hot summer day with a nice cold bowl of sherbert. It could be the childhood memories, I think we always had orange sherbert on hand. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I quickly discovered that there are very few gluten free sherberts at the store, if any. This recipe… 

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Dole Fruit Crisps Cozy Kit Giveaway

Dole Fruit Crisps photo

DOLE Fruit Crisps Cozy Kit. Step outside the kitchen and enjoy the warmth of an infinity scarf, the comfort of plush slipper-socks, the scent of an apple crisp candle, and of course, the satisfying taste of DOLE Fruit Crisps. All you need to add is a place to sit down and relax while you enjoy… 

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Nectresse Natural No Calorie Sweetener Giveaway (closed)

nectresse giveaway

Nectresse is a new no calorie sweetener from the makers of Splenda. It is made from a combination of Monk Fruit extract, erythritol, sugar and molasses. Save your calories without sacrificing the sweet flavor you love. Since Nectresse is concentrated you will use less per serving than sugar. If you like your coffee with a… 

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Blu-ray Combo Pack Giveaway


The Hobbit is one of the most memorable books from my childhood. J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings have a way of transporting the reader to another world, full of adventure, wonder, and beauty. Now the story has come to life on Blu-ray and DVD in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. You don’t need to wait until the… 

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Voli Light Vodka Giveaway

voli light vodka giveaway

Voli Light Vodka is a low calorie vodka that is perfect for those looking to have a drink and stay within their calorie range. There are seven vodka flavors: original, espresso vanilla fusion, raspberry cocoa fusion, orange vanilla fusion, lemon flavored vodka, and mango coconut fusion.Can we all say yum?!? I would imagine that the… 

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7 Easy Ways to Add Romance

7 Quick and easy tips for adding romance to you marriage

Red hearts, chocolates, and flowers can be found at the front of almost every store I walk in. This must mean that Valentine’s Day is almost here. The one day a year that people go out of their way for romance. Personally, I prefer to sprinkle in a little romance as much as possible. The… 

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Beat Summer Time Blues with Homemade Bubbles

Bubbles Bubbles All Around

  There is something about bubbles, summer isn’t complete for me without some bubble blowing fun.  This year, we decided to make our own bubbles, we wanted them a little stronger.  The only problem with making them was waiting 24 hours to use the bubbles, Blue Eyed Boy was caught trying to use them early…. 

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5 DIY Beauty Products


Most women love to have great looking skin.  It makes us feel younger and more vibrant.  I also like to keep the cost down by making my own beauty aids.  Here are five of my favorite beauty aid recipes from around the web.   Source: via Shannon on Pinterest 4 ingredient Eye Makeup Remover:… 

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