Getting Ready for Baby and other stuff…

Last night as I went to bed, I realized the baby will be here before I know it; less than 6 weeks. I have to finish packing my hospital to go bag and baby stuff.  Still in search of a couple nursing nighties and nursing bras.  I'll have to get baby some sleepers. Here is what I am packing for me to take to the hospital: Night Gowns, socks, undies, go home outfit, … [Read more...]

Wild Dill – Organic, Fair & Natural Products for kids

Organic Products

Organic, Fair and Natural.. I sure love the sound of that. only carries natural, organic, fair trade and made in USA/Europe products. I was asked to choose what I would like to review, let me tell you it was very hard to choose considering the selection WildDill has to offer.  There are so many products like clothing, shoes, socks, beanies, dolls, glue, paint, … [Read more...]

Organic Kidz Stainless Steel Bottles & 10% off…

Stainless Steel Bottles

There are times when I won't be nursing, but will pump and have to use a bottle.  Where my head starts to spin is finding a bottle that is safe and BPA free. I was delighted to hear about Organic Kidz.  They have.... Stainless Steele Bottles. Because these bottles are stainless steel, they will not break, break down, they are dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable. There are … [Read more...]

Milk Makers Giveaway…

We have heard it before "My milk supply is low"  I have said it a few times myself.  Sometimes I know I am just not eating right or drinking enough water, but other times I can't figure out why? What if we could eat a yummy little snack and know that we were getting the proper nutrition to keep our milk supply flowing? Oh wait, there is.  An oatmeal chocolate chip cookie … [Read more...]

Cloth Diapers with Recycled Shirts

Needs a little something...

Ok so have been working on my cloth diaper stash for new baby and I was noticed the bleached white ones look pretty plain. So I had my oldest daughter go through her shirts and choose the ones she is done wearing or no longer fit.. Here is my first idea using two-tone bottom of shirt: I cut the bottom of my daughters shirt, wide enough to cover the pre fold section and … [Read more...]

Shopping Trip Savings 7/22

Well I did my brief shopping at Smith's this afternoon and saved quit a bit, but I didn't take a picture of everything because we were gung ho and put it all away.  Here is what savings were found. Smith's is having a $5 Mega 10 Event and here is what I purchased: Spaghettios x 10 = 7.90 -$5.00= 2.90 Sargento cheese x 2 = 4.76 Jello Pudding x 2 = 4.98 - $1.20 MFG … [Read more...]